Rye Bread Chips
the original

About Gillelay™

The original good tasting chips was invented in Restaurant Gilleleje Harbor in Denmark.
Besides the production method is also the commodity content Unique - consisting rye flour, corn, which is produced in cooperation with Scandinavians biggest flour manufacture, thus unlimited delivery and high uniform quality.

Rye is a cereal, which is grown i North Europe. Rye is a tough plant, which withstands a lot of tough Nordic climate.

The story

It all started in 2008, when Anette began baking her own rye bread in the restaurant, with the intention, of the guests buying it, to bring it back home.

By time, the demand of the special home made rye bread grew, and by the end of 2009, the first supermarket, came a long selling the special rye bread. It was a fairly large supermarket in the town of Hillerød.

One became two, and now we deliver freshly baked rye bread everyday, to more than 140 stores around Zealand, Denmark. In 2012, Annette got yet an good idea. In a period of time, Annette had used rye bread croutons, in some of the dishes, and the guests loved it. Therefore, there wasn't far from thought to action. So in the course of one week, a new product was one the way to the shops "Rye Bread Chips"!